Top 5 networking tips for experienced professionals

Jeep Chang

January, 24 2019, 5:49 AM

No matter what age you are, building a wide connection of networks will always be useful in the future. Although some people might just focus on the numbers of connections they have, it is more important to build a long-term relationship with others rather than collecting more business cards. Below are a few tips on how to broaden your network and start a deep connection with others.

  1. Approach people that are different from you

Talking to people you are familiar with or works in the same industry as you are will be more comfortable for you, however, the purpose of networking is to meet other talents and professionals from other industries that you may not get the chance to know before. Therefore, go out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself, don’t be ashamed of your age and just pretend you’re meeting some new friends.

  1. Network with people individually rather than a huge group

Often people network in a group because they are unsure of who others are and not willing to approach them individually. Yet, networking in a big group may cause confusion and might lose track of what others are talking. Hene, be precise and talk to people individually, focus on what they are telling you and so you could build a stronger relationship with that person.

  1. Listen more than you speak

Introducing yourself and telling them who you are is important, however, don’t focus too much on yourself but rather on the person you are talking to as well. Engage in open-ended and casual questions first like “What motivates you?” or  “What are your biggest challenges?” Although their ideas and thought might contradict with yours, it is always good to pay attention and be a good listener. More so, it may give you a chance to play the role of a "solution provider" for this individual and find work. Keep note of what you’ve discuss and see if you can expand on any of the topics, letting the speaker know that if you’ve been listening and paying attention.

  1. Don’t always have expectations in return

Many networking starts off with people who are eager to meet with a certain individual and this is not wrong. However, don’t put your stakes too high and be disappointed if they don’t give anything in return and be frustrated about it. Keep in mind that they just want to meet a few new faces rather than talking too much business in a networking period. Be patient and when it is time to ask for their help, but make sure to keep connecting with them for more opportunities.

  1. Build relationships to follow up (Send email within 1 week, follow up and build relationship)

Making connections is difficult already, however losing it is fairly easy. Always keep in touch with people you’ve got connections with since everyone is busy it is always great to make the first move and start a conversation with others. Moreover, it will look bad if you just contact them when you needed their help, so spend a few minutes connecting with different people weekly it’ll be more appropriate if you were in trouble and ask for their favor.


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