Here's the story behind our new name!

Priyanka Gothi

February, 19 2019, 10:15 AM
Retired Not Out launched in June 2017 as an online platform for companies to hire, train and engage seasoned professionals. When I began developing the concept, the idea was to help my mum find employment after 35 years of working as a teacher. But since then, it has become much larger and our goal is now to re-imagine the potential of a rapidly ageing world. \
We believe dreams and potential don't come with an expiry tag and we actively work to drive equal work opportunities for people through training, advocacy and online job curation.
Since our launch in 2017 we have created huge impact!
1000+ seniors impacted | 200+ jobs posted | 40+ Seniors Placed | 500+ Seniors Trained
But now it's time to re-invent.
Over the last 18 months, we have learnt a lot.
From the little things, like not to call "older professionals" - "seniors" or "elderly" to the deeper reasons on why age inclusion remains such a challenge in organisations today.
We've learnt that ageism is deeply rooted and can be addressed through collaborative change. And that there is a win-win for all when inclusive opportunties and continous learning become a part of our DNA.
We have met some incredible people who are not defined by age and continue to learn, grow and stay relevant. We've also met some amazing partners along the way who have supported and championed this cause and made it easier for us to be heard.
Inspired by the above, we've decided it is time for a new name and platform.
Retired Not Out - is inspired by a cricket terminology (yes the sport) - which means to be in the game even if you're not playing right now. Its a wordplay that emphasises that retirement is just a pause in life, which allows people to re-consider their options, build new skill sets and set out on a new course again. 
But we no longer are talking about just those who have "retired".
We are talking about creating a culture of age inclusion for anyone who is looking for new opportunities as they age. We are talking about bridging a generational gap in the workforce and about re-looking at the whole learn, study and work paradigm. We are talking about those who want to future-proof themselves in the context of the 100 year life and those who want to build resilient organisations with thriving age-agnostic contributors. We are talking about those who want to transfer their cumulative wisdom for the benefit of communities and businesses and those who are wise to recognise that rapid global ageing is real and will change the world as we know.
So here's our new name - WISE AT WORK.
A symbol of the how human experience can be retained, leveraged and enriched through active participation in the workforce.  To ultimately unlock the best of generational potential.
With our new name, we also bring to you this brand new platform - that is a holistic platform for older professionals to take charge of their own professional futures. 
Here's what you can do on our platform as a company:
Find Talent: Find permanent, contract or freelance talent across all levels of seniority
Get Diversity Trainings: Run training programmes, hackathons and researches to drive cross-generational understanding, collaboration & innovation for employees or customers.
List Events: List training programmes or workshops which are designed for experienced audiences
Find Mentors or Advisors: Find mentors or advisors for your career or business from our growing pool of seasoned talent
Here's what you can do on our platform as a seasoned professional:
Find Work: Our curated job board has flexible, meaningful job opportunities which are most relevant to experienced professionals
Learn New Skills: Stay relevant by signing up for technology, professional skills or personal development programmes.
Promote Your Business: Our free business listings help promote entrepreneurial ventures by older professionals
Become a Thought Leader: Share your stories with the community or advise new businesses and entrepreneurs to share your expertise with the world
We are still in beta version so if the site doesn't work in the best way, please let us know!
Thanks again for your support and look forward to you visiting more often! :)