Building a career for a 100 year life

Priyanka Gothi

March, 05 2019, 5:00 AM

Technology shifts, globalization and the 100-year life are coming together to massively transform the way we chart our career. The Learn, Earn and Retire model is broken but opportunities abound for those who plan ahead.

To discuss the impact of these changes on our lives, we ran an event last Wednesday with over 60+ attendees which included a panel on what the future of work looks like and a workshop to discuss some of the ways in which organisations and individuals can continue to drive relevance in our longer tahn ever before careers.

Along with Diana Wu David, a former Financial Times executive, author of Future Proof: Reinventing Work in an Age of Acceleration and Priyanka Gothi from Wise At Work - the workshop included some amazing speakers. 

Peter Williams, Chair, Citi Generations Network. 

Christian Tooley, a seasoned strategy and transformation consultant, design strategist and change manager. 

Joseph Lei is a designer who believes in social innovation, and promoting Design Thinking. He is experienced in projects in industrial design, health care, aging, etc., all with social causes. 

Brian Tang - Lawyer at a Wall Street law firm, Global investment banker and founder - involved in regtech and edtech (ACMI), a social enterprise focussed on inclusive STEAM and maker education (Young Makers & ChangeMakers) 

Jessica Liu is the founding member and Growth lead at Planto, a HK based data-driven fintech startup changing the way millennials manage finances through using Big Data and A.I. 

Jennifer Van Dale, Partner heads Eversheds Sutherland’s Asia employment practice and Hong Kong data privacy practice. She serves as trusted counsel to multinational clients on Hong Kong and Asia-related privacy, cybersecurity and employment law matters.

Diana opened the conversation with highlights from her incredible book - Futureproof and set the context for what the world with rapid ageing, emerging technologies, longer life spans and shorter organisational spans looks like. 

This was followed by a panel that discussed the Future of Work and what it really means to us. While it is often losely used, this term can have massive implications on pensions, upskilling, workforce re-design, workplace design and more. 

Moreover, it begs a conversation on what value humans can continue to drive in accelerating economies - especially when pitted again machines and AI.

One of the panelists, Christian Tooley, spoke about how the existing paradigm of education is shifting and discussed the growth of on-demand education in the form of Coursera etc vs more traditional university options.

The panelists shared their perspectives on shifting gears in their own careers and 3 things emerged clearly as what works for becoming future proof when it comes to being in charge of your own careers:

  • Growth Mindset: Preparing for the 100 year career means adopting a growth mindset that allows you to explore beyond the comfort zone, stay positive and take on new challenges that may come.
  • Add New Skills: Staying on top of what is relevant and in-demand by the market is essential, so keep at it and stay learning. The usual model of learn-work-retire is fading and we need to demonstrate agility to stay relevant. Investing in your own skillset is the responsibility of individuals and should be done throughout one's career 
  • Move beyond the Resume: Think beyond the resume and build networks, partnerships and alliances that can help you stay connected and open new opportunities.

This was followed by a quiz where we asked the audience what their biggest questions were when it came to future-proof themselves or their organisations. Based on that we broke into groups and brainstormed some exciting ideas on how this could really happen.

We were blown away by the ideas from the audience. Some of the key thoughts were:

How to Future Proof As An Organisation

  • Empathy trainings to drive multi-generational, diversity fuelled collaboration
  • Reverse mentoring to drive a learning mindset
  • Encourage a growth mindset in employees
  • Build different systems to analyse different employee groups - one size doesnt fit all! 

How to Future Proof As An Individual

  • Networking events as a tool to find collaborators and partners - Find your tribe!
  • Share your story
  • Personal Evaluation - Know where you are and what you need for your goals
  • Just start on the journey - don't keep waiting!
  • Be present - in the moment and both online and offline!


Thanks to all those who attended and Metta for hosting us!

If you'd like to run a workshop like this for your organisation, reach out to us on info@wiseatwork.co!