6 of our favorite apps for older adults

Team Wise at Work

April, 03 2019, 9:56 AM

Apps trancend ages. I know more 50+ folks on Facebook and Whatsapp and Alexa than those under 20s. These platforms work across demographics to touch upon our basic human needs - to be heard, to stay in touch, to learn, to find clarity and to have a sense of purpose.

Startups too are beginning to realise the massive potential which comes with ageing demographics and multi-generational workplaces and homes. The space is abuzz with new services being created to bridge the generational gap, open communication channels and create an inclusive world. While there are tons that play in the space of, safety, reminders and sense-augmentors, we especially love the ones that are inclusive and designed for cross-generational use.

Here's our list of favorite apps that can add huge value to older adults as they aim to stay relevant, healthy and connected. Check them out and let us know what you think!

  1. Bloom: Bloom has been designed with multi-generation families in mind. Working closely with geriatric psychologists and examining real-life family challenges, the bloom team came up with an effortless way to encourage and increase opportunities for seamless and rich communication between grandparents, parents and grandkids. Check out their exciting offering here
  2. Lumosity Staying mentally sharp is important to maintaining quality of life as you age, and Lumosity is one of the most popular “brain training” and memory apps out there, with a 4.7 rating in the iOS App store. It offers a wide variety of brain teasers and puzzles that proponents say enhance cognitive skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. You can also take a free “fit test” to see how your mental muscles measure up to other people your age. Available for iPhone and Android
  3. Tapestry: Another one to drive in-family conversations. This social media app was specifically created to connect older adults to their families without worrying about privacy or, as the company says, “how everything works.” Share messages, photos and videos with your family. It’s ad and spam-free.
  4. Buzzfeed / Refinery29 etc: While technically not apps, these are your window into the world of millenials. Subscribe to see what the youth talks about, what affects them and learn to connect with greater ease. 
  5. All-Hashtag.com: Don't be left behind in all the hashtag conversation. This free hashtag generator, creator and tracker is perfect starting point those looking to see what hashtags work best with their content. Do you need a hashtag in the first place? #Onlyifyouwanttobeheard. 
  6. Coursera: Our favorite go to - this is the new generation of learning. On-demand and in the comfort of your home. Pick a course that interests you and get started.

Did we miss out on some? Let us know!