Millennials Perspective: 5 Work Skills for Seasoned Professionals

Anson Madison Ma

May, 22 2019, 6:09 AM

Creating a multi-generational workplace culture is a challenge for the future of work, but for those who are interested to get back into the field for the second career, having these alternative skills can increase your competitive advantages and thus employment potential.

Social Media Skills

It is definitely not new to us that social media is playing a critical part in the growth of brands and in building communities. The Internet has made us easier to purchase and shop online, and at the same time for brands to promote themselves, driving traffic and sales.

Different social platforms serve different purposes for company growth, for example, if you wanted to drive sales for an e-commerce site, Pinterest and Instagram are the main focus for you. If you wanted to build awareness for your brand, Instagram and MailChimp are no doubt your top choices. If you wanted to expand your professional connection for potential sales opportunities, use LinkedIn. Thus, pick the right tool to learn.

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Copywriting Skills

With millions of platforms and blogs being created, there is always a demand for content!

This is where copywriters come in. Copywriting specifically refers to the writing of text for blogs, advertisements or publicity material. With limited prior knowledge in digital marketing, copywriting is definitely a skill that can be mastered through observation, research, practice, and experience.

This opportunity, in particular, can often be practiced as a freelancer and via remote working, which means one can work at home and there is no standard working location and hour, the goal is to write content that is engaging, valuable and done within the timeline!

Data Analytics Skills

Data Analytics is increasingly relevant as businesses manage vast amounts of customer and client data. It is leveraged to understand the performance of the company: how many people are you reaching, how social media influencing your growth or, how effective are the ads you have invested in. Free tools like Google Analytics Academy offers free online classes for business owners and digital marketers to learn how to generate insights for website performance.


Combining digital data knowledge and years of experience in the career, older professionals can provide a lot of meaningful insights for companies and offer solutions to avoid inefficient practices.

Photography and Videography Skills

2019 is all about multimedia. With the rise and boom of Instagram Stories and IGTV, being able to produce high quality and engaging photography and videography content adds a lot of value to the brand image.

Start and invest a little on a second-hand DSLR Camera, practice on a daily basis. Actively look for inspiration on social media platforms like Vimeo or Youtube. You will need to learn how to use video-editing tools like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Time to turn your clips into a masterpiece!

Customer Service Skills

The ultimate goals for social media are to create engagement and meaningful conversations with audiences, and eventually hoping to generate traffic and sales for the brand. To create meaningful conversation, community manager act as a representative role for the brand and become the spokesperson to resolve customers’ issues and answer their questions.

Just like a lot of other social media skills, no prior knowledge of customer service is required. All you need is a problem-solving and helpful attitude to build a positive and responsive image for the brand, to retain customers and encourage engagement.


What do you think? What are the other skills you think seasoned professionals should learn? Let us know!

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, she has dedicated herself to the social media industry since graduation from university in 2016, aiming to help different sizes of startup to grow through social media and creating high quality and meaningful content. You can probably see her running around the city with a camera in her free time and participating in social events.