Living a 100 year life: A millenial's perspective

Nurdaulet Kemel

June, 29 2019, 3:46 AM

Wise at Work was invited by The Hive to run a workshop for millenials on how they'd plan their 100 year life as part of their Social Enterprise Showcase. Our intern Nurdaulet, a first year student from HKU attended this session and here he shares his experiences on the workshop and life as a 20 year old - trying to imagine the next 80.

Over to Nurdaulet!

"I was lucky to be a part of a workshop organized by "Wise at Work" that made me really think outside of the box and seriously reimagine ageing - at least my own ageing for sure. A 90-minute session of the workshop started with a brief introduction to the ageing phenomenon, its importance and some solutions to the issue. Indeed, the current trend of ageing is happening across the world, and it will be even further catalysed by development in technology and health care. No wonder, if generations starting with millenials will live more than 100 years on average, and a lot needs to be changed, in order to adapt to the new norm of life.

The introduction was then followed by various activities that made us either imagine ourselves being 70-year-olds or think about routine problems that we will face in 50 years. I think the main goal of these activities was to put us into 70-year-old's shoes and let us see things from a new angle. One of the activities wes design thinking, where we had to think about new solutions to new "routine" problems that could arise with development of health care, automation, new age learning and etc.. The biggest takeaway for me from these activity was that I realized how important it is to actually take care of your health, because it is much more enjoyable to live a 100+ years of life in a strong, healthy body.

In the next activity, I was given a role of a really skillful and seasoned 70-year-old professional, who came for an interview for a job. The most interesting question for me was "why do you want this job?” because I would have probably seen so much in my life, and have sufficient capital, and one of the few reasons for me could be to bring value to the society I am living in and passing my knowledge to next generations. 

The last activity was constructing physical model of your older self after 50 years using "LEGO". These activity was way beyond my expectations. In a few minutes, participants were able to reveal their personality, their dreams and their own view of a future through a simple construction. Each model was very creative in its own way, and it was fascinating to listen to the explanations of the ideas. I pictured a person, protesting against age discrimination. Given how long it took people to fight against gender discrimination and racism, I believe that a lot of work needs to be done by all of us to eliminate age discrimination.

All of these activities used an interesting and unique approach, but all of them seriously challenged my perception on ageing process, age discrmination and the importance of health. Great thanks to a very diverse, open-minded and lovely team of participants who made this workshop so meaningful. Hope that many more people will join this workshop in the future.