Meet the Perennials: Chan Nim Wan, aged 80, her daughter Sophia and their take on how families can stay resilient as they age

Priyanka Gothi

September, 09 2019,9:06 AM
It is unusual to find parents and kids hanging out together after a certain age. More so, when the mum is 80 and the daughter in her late 40s. We met the dynamic duo of Sophia Chan and her inspiring mother Chan Nim Wan who have both given new meaning to lifelong companionship and learning, not...
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Meet the Perennials - Interview with Philip Chan and how he stays a millenial at the age of 68.

Priyanka Gothi

August, 08 2019,10:08 AM
Philip Chan is an exceptional individual. When I first met him, I was new to Hong Kong and looking for someone to translate our website into Cantonese. His daughter, who then worked at the same co-working space as I did, introduced us and I was instantly inspired by his zest for life,...
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Don't Wait Until You NEED Linkedin to Upgrade Your Profile

Steve Bruce

August, 05 2019,12:00 PM
Regardless of what you do for a living; whether you are an employee or a business owner, everybody needs Linkedin on some level at some point. These days, being visible online and perceived as an industry expert is vital for your career success & Linkedin offers you one of the best ways to do...
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Building Sustainable Teams for Non-Profits

Team Wise At Work

July, 22 2019,15:56 PM
Non-profits and social enterprises aim to change the world. They tirelessly work to solve stubborn problems that demand behaviour change, resources and not to mention passionate teams.  But how does one build passionate, sustainable teams without the resources of a corporate or the 'sexi...
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Best ways to use a job board after 50

Wise at Work

July, 16 2019,04:50 AM
When you're over 50 and looking for work, it can seem like a daunting task. Starting with CVs, mock interviews can overwhelm anyone. And while you thought that these days were long behind you, you need to get ready to approach them with a fresh perspective. Needless to say, age bias can be a fac...
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