In an ageing world, help your organisation find solutions to drive growth
Demographic changes globally will transform the economy as we know it.

It will impact your organisation in two crucial ways

As an employer, it will affect your ability to hire, retain and train quality talent.

As a business, it will challenge the traditional notions of "customer" and urge unprecedented innovation to attract the massively growing silver economy.

How we can help

Generational Diversity Programmes

Future of Work Training & Strategy

Silver Economy Consulting

Case Studies
Future of Work

Startup employees engaged with us in a design thinking workshop to chart their careers for a 100 year life. They ended with a tangible model of their future selves & an action plan.

UX Approach for Life Stage Based Hiring

For a large bank in Hong Kong, we ran a co-creation workshop with the goal of identifying the most effective ways of re-designing roles and benefits for mature talent.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Generational Diversity

Using a play based approach to help multi-generational teams to explore their differences and similarities and learn to receive and give support for professional and personal goals.

Building Techspertise in teams of all age groups

Multi-gen teams come together to form startups within organisations to plan, test, prototype and pitch their business ideas around business critical topics.